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rheinpartie – Projection Art Festival: The Documentation

On the 3rd October, the Day of the German Unit, the documentation (CD-ROM) of the festival rheinpartie 2009 is published right now: rheinpartie 2009 all around the Day of the German Unit lured ten thousands of visitors into the Rhine Valley between Koblenz and Ruedesheim. Projections onto castles, cloisters and ruins told stories of this  world heritage landscape. The documentation gives a good overview to the concept and the projects. Video-links give an impression of this unique festival. The website of rheinpartie 2009 you find here>. These internationally known artists have been among the participants: the studio Skertzò (Paris), Ross Ashton (London), Urbanscreen (Bremen), Philipp Geist (Berlin) and Hartung Trenz light installations (Cologne/Munich). The documentation costs 9.90€.

Kitchen Living:

Cutting-edge ‘Details in Contemporary Kitchen Design’ presents 30 new Designs

‘Detail in Contemporary Kitchen Design’ features more than 30 kitchen designs from around the world, each created by a notable architect for a specific residence. Arranged into chapters according to the dominant material used – stone, timber and steel – each design is accompanied by an image of the whole house, clear photographs of the kitchen itself and a floor plan showing its relation to the other spaces within the house. Detailed photographs and architectural drawings show the arrangement and construction of the kitchens, and sections and elevations reveal the construction details of fitted units and joinery. A selection of insightful case studies include interviews with clients, designers and manufacturers and provide an overview of the whole process of commissioning and creating a contemporary bespoke kitchen. The book could be used as a preparation for the imm cologne next January (2011). The Cologne Fair offers the innovative show ‘Living Kitchen’ for the first time.

Ars Electronica / Mediaarchitecture Biennale (Vienna):


Media + Architecture = Mediatecture. The comprehensive manual on the media facade and media spaces by Christoph Kronhagel. Every era creates its own style having a strong impact on architecture and space. Through the growing importance of electronic media and the services provided by the internet, the delimitation between physical and virtual spaces is becoming increasingly fuzzy. Christoph Kronhagel, a worldwide renowned specialist for media facades and technology, gives these phenomena the collective name “mediatecture”, a compound of the words “media“ and “architecture“. His book approaches the new phenomenon methodologically, in form of elements providing basic knowledge on mediatectonic work, in particular for media facades. Together with worldwide leading specialists from the fields of technology, urban construction, computer sciences, arts and marketing, he has established a unique manual that, thanks to its focus on the media façade, primarily addresses architects and designers.

Light + Building / Luminale:

Light Festivals transform the Cities. The CD: Luminale – Biennial of Lighting Culture 2010

The Luminale – Biennial of Lighting Culture is taking place every two years in Frankfurt/Main during the tradeshow Light + Building. The CD is the documentation of the fifth edition in 2010. Luminale is one of the top events in ‘Creative Germany’. About 160 light events in and around Frankfurt/M. presented ideas and concepts. 140,000 visitors experienced the fascination of light. The festival curated by Helmut M. Bien is a special challenge for lighting designers. Luminale is well known for it’s qualities as an international campus of the creative world.


Urban Green – Landscape Architecture for the 21. Century

European Landscape Design for the 21st Century. The rediscovery of the city that has been evident recently has by no means superseded the human desire for nature. On the contrary, the goal has been finding urban solutions that do justice to these growing needs and do so in ways that meet the requirements for design, ecology, sociology, and economy. This publication addresses the subject of designing inner-city spaces. It documents twenty recently realized examples in Europe, most of which feature greenery, designed by international landscape architects such as Gustafson Porter, Field Operations, Michel Desvigne, Gross.Max, Latz + Partner, and West 8. The projects, built between 2004 and 2010, range from private urban gardens by way of squares, streets, and promenades to large-scale projects such as the revitalization of riverside areas or master plans for the green spaces of entire cities. Urban greenery is an important contribution to ecological urban development. The projects documented offer examples of how this can succeed using the most modern materials and technologies. The publications accompanies an exhibition of the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in the Palmengarten (Botanic Garden) in Frankfurt.


Media Facades

The book for all who are interested in Media Facades Festival and this year Ars Electronica. Author Matthias Hank Häusler has written this basis book on a very hot subject. The preface comes from curator Mirjam Struppek. The book offers the overview about the different kinds of media facades, technology and future development. More than 30 examples are introduced by Urban Screen, realities:united, under it also a Luminale project. 248 Seiten/pages, Sprache/language: english, 49,90 Euro


Hospitality – The Megatrend. 170 Avantgarde Hoteliers: Design Hotels Edition 2010

The Design Hotels™ Book showcases a curated portfolio of 170 hotels in 108 destinations across the globe, as well as some of the most passionate, creative „Originals“ behind them. Focusing on design, along with the emotions and experiences it can create, the book combines striking images and in-depth reviews to provide a glimpse of each member hotel’s very individual promise. Claus Sendlinger, founder and CEO of Design Hotels™, is also the host of his own Future Forum, a meeting place for all passionate hosts in the world of hospitality and a place for inspirations and future trends.


koziol – design for friends: Steve Jobs’ Apple don’t like the eiPott …

A few days Frankfurt consumer goods fair Tendence starts Apple wants to forbid eiPOTT from koziol – ideas for friends. The Apple people see their trade mark rights threatened by “eiPOTT” of koziol happyness factory. Big Apple versus Charming Bambi (the roe deer is a brand mark of koziol: “The luck is as shy as a roe deer”). The book ‘design for friends’ introduces into the world of koziol: Since 1927 brings koziol the people to a smile. Now, therefore, Stephan Koziol has opened the koziol happyness factory. A unique experience world with museum, design-outlet and a canteen. Fantastic machines and products typical for time tell in the koziol museum from more than 80 years of production.

Living & Furnishing:

The Next Generation: The New Urbanists

That is the creative live in Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, Tokyo – the “new urbanists”: Francesca Gavin visits apartments and houses of artists, designers, authors, curators, photographers, stylists, set designers, film-makers and illustrators– from those creative from the international metropolises which lend her face to the contemporary cultural scene and art scene. The introduced living rooms grant not only insights into the formative aesthetics of the creative scene, but also in the most internal being of different cities all over the world, from Berlin to Tokyo. Quite differently than the infertile residential style of the minimalism these apartments of ingenuity, creative chaos and spontaneity testify; they overflow with post modern collector’s items of the pop culture, trashy vintage findings, colored toys collections, Underground art and all kinds of droll and even manufactured properties. So individually the rooms are in which all these personalities live and work, nevertheless, they show parallels and resemblances over and over again and represent the avant-garde scene of the early 21-st century.


Mateo Kries: Total Design

Business Design, Nail Design, Body Design, Social Design – almost every topic is now marked with that label. No one would have thought 30 years ago, the role of design in our lives today would like. This design seems to emerge, particularly in fields where it is not needed – while there is missing, where it would be really necessary.

Mateo Kries, chief curator at the Vitra Design Museum and author of numerous books on design, considered in this volume, the “system” design from the perspective of the connoisseur and stakeholders. He begins with the origins of design in the 19th Century pursued its rapid expansion during the 20th Century, and finally shows how design pervades all areas of society today – from biotechnology to the Geo-Engineering, of the lifestyle program until the political spin doctor. It reflects the author and his own “generation” design, who grew up in the 1970s, yet with “Cordsofas” and wooden shelves for their own lives from the 1980s, then with shopping tours, spa and new middle class throughout the search for the right form dedicate themselves.

We are already living in a design company, is one of the main theses of this book. Mateo Kries This opens a debate in which not just about design as it is in society’s guiding ideology, but also the question of how all living in the future we want. The author argues for a radical reorientation of design on the really pressing problems of our time, for the creation of a true design policy for more public discussion about design – and for the courage to stand the pressure to form in the daily also opposed views to.

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